150kva Truck

150kva Truck Mounted, Film Silenced Generator

150kva Truck Mounted Generator

Our 150kva film silenced mobile generator truck has been specifically designed to be compact, but with plenty of power and loads of storage space.


The design of the truck utilises its 7.3m length exceptionally well to provide a three cubic metre storage box so you can transport power and equipment all in one easy load.


The power outlets have been arranged for maximum convenience and efficiency, with a combination of 3-phase, single-phase and Powerlock to suit any size production.


If you would like to hire this truck for your TV or Film production, give Yoshi Kwan a call on 0408 201 138.


For vehicle specifications, please see below:


Cummins 150kva with silenced canopy

Truck Model:

2005 Hino FD


Weight: 10.4 GVM

Length: 7.3m

Height: 3.2m

Width: 2.2m

Storage box:

1m x 1.5m x 2m

MR Licence
Film Silenced Generator Power Outlets

Generator Power Outlets

  • 3 x 20A outlets
  • 4 x 50A three phase outlets
  • 2 x 125A single phase outlets
  • 1 x 63A single phase outlet
  • 1 x power lock outlet

Generator holds 600 litres of diesel fuel


Our film silenced generator truck has been used on the following productions:

A Place To Call Home

Love Child 2

The Killing Fields




For any enquiries call Yoshi on 0408 201 138